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Dominicana by Angie Cruz PDF Download Free

I am an avid reader, and I have read many of Angie Cruz’s books in the past. So when I saw this one on Kindle Unlimited I downloaded it right away. This book was not the most captivating read. But it did take me back to the island and got me thinking about how things were when I left. And how things are now that I have been gone for over 20 years.

Overview About “Dominicana” by “Angie Cruz”

The book is just like a beautifully decorated Christmas tree. You can see all of its layers but in reality, it contains tons of surprises that you don’t expect. That was exactly what happened to me, I couldn’t put down Dominicana. Because it is so full of surprises and events that want to leave you wanting more. There are so many things in there from waves of laughter to cryings, from admirations to haters. You will go through different feelings when reading it. I found myself saying WOW!, Over and over again as I would find out another piece of Angelia’s amazing journey to stardom as an actress/model and her life as a Dominican in New York City.

Dominicana by Angie Cruz Part 1
Dominicana by Angie Cruz Part 1

Reviews About “Dominicana” by “Angie Cruz”

Dominicana is an engaging and entertaining novel with themes of family, love, loss, hope, and redemption. One could imagine that it would be difficult to develop characters as well developed as they are in Dominicana without spending a considerable amount of time with them. Yet somehow Ms. Cruz has managed to do so and still keep us engaged throughout her narrative. I highly recommend Dominicana by Angie Cruz. It is a wonderfully written novel that incorporates history into its plot while incorporating all of life’s struggles – including loss, grief, fear and ultimately overcoming them.

About “Angie Cruz” the author of “Dominicana”

Born in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, and raised in New York City, I was surrounded by culture my entire life. My family moved to Jackson Heights, Queens when I was seven years old. As a young girl, I soaked up all things Dominican culture like a sponge and it became a part of me forever. My upbringing played an integral role in shaping my identity as a writer and ultimately led me to write my debut novel, Dominicana. I always knew that storytelling would play an important role in my life because at home we didn’t have televisions growing up so storytelling was our main source of entertainment. Whether we were sitting around playing cards or getting ready for bed; storytelling was always a part of our daily lives.

Dominicana by Angie Cruz PDF Download

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