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The Oracle by Jonathan Cahn PDF Download Free

The Oracle by Jonathan Cahn tells the story of how an ancient Hebrew woman’s prayers led to the end of the Holocaust. Unbeknownst to many, The Bible contains several prophecies relating to the Holocaust and Hitler’s rise to power that have come true over time. These prophecies are all mentioned in this book. From this novelization of history, we learn what might have occurred if Daniel’s 70 weeks prophecy had been fulfilled. And the return of Jesus Christ had occurred in 1948.

Overview About “The Oracle” by “Jonathan Cahn”

The Oracle is an incredible new novel written by best-selling author and Messianic Rabbi, Jonathan Cahn. It follows a young Amish farmer named Isaac as he encounters powerful visions from God. He soon learns that these visions are linked to America’s past, present, and future. What’s more, there may be someone in his family who has similar powers. The details revealed in The Oracle shed light on world events that are currently unfolding, as well as warning signs of what is yet to come. And America needs to heed these warnings before it’s too late! After all, what happens in The Oracle will impact us all!

The Oracle by Jonathan Cahn Chapter 1
The Oracle by Jonathan Cahn Chapter 1

Reviews About “The Oracle” by “Jonathan Cahn”

I’ve read a lot of Bible prophecy, and I can confidently say that The Oracle is unlike anything I’ve read before. You may remember Jonathan Cahn as the man behind The Harbinger. But The Oracle is not a sequel—although they are certainly connected (as all things are). Rather, The Oracle is a work of fiction. In many ways, it reads like one of those page-turning books you enjoyed in your youth—one that left you wondering what was going to happen next as you turned each page.

The Oracle by Jonathan Cahn Chapter 2
The Oracle by Jonathan Cahn Chapter 2

About  “Jonathan Cahn” the author of  “The Oracle”

Jonathan Cahn is an American rabbi, Christian, and Messianic Jewish pastor. Jonathan has written several best-selling books, including The Harbinger and The Paradigm. He currently serves as senior pastor at Berachah House in Wayne, New Jersey. He also hosts a weekly online show called Shepherd’s Watch available on, Shalom TV, and numerous other stations across America and around the world. This would be my review of one of his books! I hope you like it!

The Oracle by Jonathan Cahn PDF Download

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