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Sorry Not Sorry by Sophie Ranald PDF Download Free

When I was 5 years old, I decided that I wanted to be an author. When I grew up and wrote my first book called My Book. It was about two twin girls. They went on adventures and eventually became good friends with each other (this book was pretty short). When I was 10 years old, I started writing silly little stories about princesses. She would always laugh at each other instead of fighting and then go on adventures together. You can probably guess that the princesses in my story were inspired by me and my sister!

Overview About “Sorry Not Sorry” by “Sophie Ranald”

There are books that you read and throw away, there are others that you read and keep forever. This one is of a different kind as it is completely interactive. The story revolves around Liam McCoy who is a therapist with a private practice located in London. He also has his problems; in fact, he believes that he can’t find love due to his past relationship with Meg Foster and because of her he has scars that prevent him from getting into a deeper relationship. To add fuel to fire, it was Meg who opened up to him about her past experiences of sexual abuse at the hands of both her biological father and step-father when she was only eleven years old.

Sorry Not Sorry by Sophie Ranald Chapter 1
Sorry Not Sorry by Sophie Ranald Chapter 1

Reviews About “Sorry Not Sorry” by “Sophie Ranald”

This review is about a book that is an awesome piece of literature. It has touched my heart in ways I never thought possible. And it has made me feel things that I have never felt before. I think you should read it because it’s a book that will touch your heart and take you on an adventure. Here’s why: One thing that makes it great is how relatable it is. This book touches on feelings and emotions that many teens/adults go through every day, even though they might not realize they are going through them.

Sorry Not Sorry by Sophie Ranald Chapter 2
Sorry Not Sorry by Sophie Ranald Chapter 2

About  “Sophie Ranald” the author of “Sorry Not Sorry”

Sophie was born in 1879, on a small island off of Scotland. Although she loved to write stories and poems when she was young, it never occurred to her that she could make a living out of it. It wasn’t until her husband passed away that she decided to start writing novels; however, they weren’t nearly as well-received as her poetry. Luckily for her, Victorian-era literature wasn’t very well respected during World War I and only further helped with increasing sales when people would see paper rationing where all non-essential paper goods were being burned or recycled.

Sorry Not Sorry by Sophie Ranald PDF Download

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