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Singapore Sapphire by A. M. Stuart ePub Download Free

The Singapore Sapphire has been used to celebrate Singapore’s National Day since 1969. This piece of art was made by A. M. Stuart, a Canadian artist with Scottish roots and the son of a Presbyterian minister. It was his first public commission in Singapore and has been displayed at The National Museum of Singapore since its unveiling in 1971 until 2012 when it went back to the workshop to be restored.

Overview About “Singapore Sapphire” by “A. M. Stuart”

Singapore is an island of about 716 islands and is located at a point where the sea meets land at approximately 109 degrees east longitude and around 1 degree north latitude. The history of Singapore is rich in culture, from its founding as a British trading colony to its post-colonial development as part of Malaysia, before being declared a separate nation in 1965. With plenty of sites to visit and explore, alongside are proximity to neighboring countries such as Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia, there’s no better time than now to check out what Singapore has on offer! A glimpse into notable places within Singapore: The National Museum of Singapore: The National Museum offers visitors a glimpse into a heritage that dates back over 5,000 years ago.

Singapore Sapphire by A. M. Stuart Chapter 1
Singapore Sapphire by A. M. Stuart Chapter 1

Reviews About “Singapore Sapphire” by “A. M. Stuart”

I recently read Singapore Sapphire by author A.M. Stuart, and I loved it! The story is set in Australia, where two young female friends experience life-changing events during their first year of university. At first, the novel follows a cliched storyline where they are just trying to adjust to being at university and are feeling a bit homesick and out of place (something I feel myself right now). It takes a while for things to start picking up but once they do you’re pulled into a completely different world – literally! Imagine waking up one day in another person’s body, which happens to be on another planet entirely!

Singapore Sapphire by A. M. Stuart Chapter 2
Singapore Sapphire by A. M. Stuart Chapter 2

About “A. M. Stuart” the author of “Singapore Sapphire”

M. Stuart was born around 1763 and was educated at Cambridge University before returning to her home in Jamaica, becoming a merchant and slave owner; she was also committed to abolishing slavery as soon as possible and founded a newspaper called The Female Monitor. Her poetry often dealt with themes of women’s empowerment, slavery, and romantic relationships; she is considered one of Britain’s most prominent female poets during that period (1770-1846). If you want to read more about A. M. Stuart, here is her Wikipedia page.

Singapore Sapphire by A. M. Stuart ePub Download

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