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Venom by Dee Garcia ePub Download Free

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Overview About “Venom” by “Dee Garcia”

Venom, a book written and published by Dee Garcia is a romance novel. The story revolves around June Barrett who comes from an aristocratic family that runs oil companies all over Europe. She is in love with Christoper Grey and they 

are ready to take their relationship to a next level, but her parents have other plans for her and she becomes engaged to Phillip Davis. But when she meets Sam Miller, everything changes. Not only does he turn her on but he also teaches her more about herself than she could have ever imagined.

Venom by Dee Garcia Chapter 1
Venom by Dee Garcia Chapter 1

Reviews About “Venom” by “Dee Garcia”

Venom is a book that I read recently. I have to admit it’s one of the best books I’ve ever read in my life. It’s been published recently and has gained so much popularity since its publication. This book made me think deeply when I was reading it as it makes you feel something for each character in it. Usually, books are written in the third person but in Venom. Its style is different as every chapter concentrates on one single character i.e., Nate Shaw and his family. And how they cope with being poor white trash people during those times of racial segregation

Venom by Dee Garcia Chapter 2
Venom by Dee Garcia Chapter 2

About “Dee Garcia” the author of “Venom”

She grew up in a house with six children. At an early age, she showed her passion for writing and continued to put pen to paper throughout high school. After completing high school, she pursued her degree in Graphic Design at San Diego State University. She loved learning more about computer art and how it can become 3D animated movies that would entertain millions of people across many cultures. While in college, she began creating online content for various companies including CollegeTimes and ExamsLive. These two major projects helped her develop a strong background in SEO writing, as well as SEO techniques used to grow a website’s popularity over time.

Venom by Dee Garcia ePub Download

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