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Download Ormeshadow by Priya Sharma PDF Free

Ormeshadow by Priya Sharma, which has been published this month by Knopf Books, New York, USA, tells the story of Shaila, who lives in Ormeshadow in India with her grandmother and mother. Shaila’s father died when she was born and now that Shaila’s mother has fallen ill and will soon die as well, it is up to Shaila to travel across the border to Ormiston to find out more about her grandfather’s life and family before she dies.

Overview About “Orme shadow” by “Priya Sharma”

In an affluent, picturesque little town, neighbors envy neighbors and hardly anyone is to be trusted. And then one day a murder happens at home in a posh neighborhood. First, there is just shock and disbelief and then fear sets in. The ugly secrets of a beautiful family are revealed with every passing minute. Nothing can ever be hidden again because it’s all up for grabs as everyone is lying about something or someone. What will happen when suspicion falls on everyone? Orme Shadow takes you into that world where everything you see isn’t necessarily true but what you don’t see might cause irreparable damage.

Ormeshadow by Priya Sharma Chapter 1
Ormeshadow by Priya Sharma Chapter 1

Reviews About “Orme shadow” by “Priya Sharma”

The storyline is great, although it’s quite predictable. We’ve all read books like it and watched movies like it before. But that doesn’t take away from its greatness at all, on the contrary! It makes you enjoy it even more because as soon as you find out what’s going to happen next, you smile wistfully thinking of how beautiful and simply perfect everything is. I love Shakespearean quotes and they are very prevalent in Orme’s shadow. How she explains each person with a quote, either directly or indirectly related to them! That’s just pure talent!

Ormeshadow by Priya Sharma Chapter 2
Ormeshadow by Priya Sharma Chapter 2

About “Priya Sharma” the author of “Orme shadow”

 Priya Sharma is a Chennai-based freelance journalist, who writes for The Times of India and Women’s Era. She has won both national and international awards for her journalistic. Her writings have also been anthologized in several publications. For example, her profile of Aravind Adiga won her an award from The Asian Investigative Reporters & Editors (Aire). She has interviewed some prominent names in literature like Ruskin Bond and Amitav Ghosh. Her first book Grandmother’s Time was published in 2009. This was followed by Orme Shadow, which made it to the bestsellers’ list within its first week of publication.

Download Ormeshadow by Priya Sharma PDF

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