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Download Love Me Never by Sara Wolf ePub Free

Love Me Never by Sara Wolf tells the story of Miranda. A young teenager who discovers her father. She had always thought, he was dead. Her father is alive and now living in Florida. She also discovers that he has a second family. He is living with another wife and two children. And that he abandoned his first family in California after their mother was killed by her boyfriend when Miranda was just five years old. Determined to meet him, Miranda convinces her grandmother to take her on a cross-country road trip to Florida. So she can see him again.

Overview About “Love Me Never” by “Sara Wolf”

When Skyler disappears, everyone assumes she’s run away. Without a body, there’s nothing to indicate otherwise. But then Skyler’s family starts receiving ransom demands that they cannot afford to pay and strange stories begin surfacing about people in her life. The longer she’s gone, the more improbable a kidnapping becomes; her parents are left with no choice. But to face a terrible new reality—that Skyler was murdered shortly after leaving home that morning. Despite having seemingly moved on with his life and started a family of his own, Detective Jordan Fisher feels compelled to help find out what happened to Skyler as soon as he hears about her disappearance. Could he finally be free from his past?

Love Me Never by Sara Wolf Chapter 1
Love Me Never by Sara Wolf Chapter 1

Reviews About “Love Me Never” by “Sara Wolf”

This book was very different from other books I’ve read, but that’s not a bad thing. It had an interesting premise, although it could have been played out better in my opinion. All of the characters were a bit one-dimensional and stereotypical (boy-next-door/bad boy), but they worked well together. This was also one of those books where you can guess most of what will happen as soon as you start reading, but again…it wasn’t necessarily bad. If you’re looking for something light and quick to read, Love Me Never is your book! It’s not groundbreaking or anything; however, it doesn’t claim to be anything it isn’t either!

Love Me Never by Sara Wolf Chapter 2
Love Me Never by Sara Wolf Chapter 2

About “Sara Wolf” the author of “Love Me Never”

Sara Wolf is an American novelist, born on October 25th in Houston, Texas. She’s attended Smith College and Boston University, where she earned her BFA in Creative Writing. She went on to obtain her MFA from The New School in NYC. In 2011, Ms. Wolf was named one of Six Authors to Watch by Poets & Writers Magazine. Her novels Secret Society Girls and The Suburban Murder Series are set for release in summer 2014 through Sourcebooks Fire Publishing. Love Me Never is a mystery novel that revolves around Leah Kingston who works as a matchmaker for New York City’s high society elite – but just how far will she go to find love?

Download Love Me Never by Sara Wolf ePub

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