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Download She Means Business by Carrie Green PDF Free

Carrie Green, co-founder of She Means Business, talks about how running your own business can be rewarding and yet incredibly challenging at the same time. You’ll hear Carrie share insights into her personal experiences about what she’s learned about starting her own business and challenges. She’s faced along the way to success. It’s sure to be inspiring! If you are thinking about starting your own business. OR if you already run your own company. This interview will help you think differently about what it takes to succeed in business and have fun while doing it!

Overview About “She Means Business” by “Carrie Green”

She Means Business is a perfect guide to help you start your own business. I found that She Means Business: A Woman’s Guide to Starting Her Own Successful Company was not only a great introduction for women starting their businesses. But also good for seasoned professionals. Which are looking to find new ways to grow and expand. Many individuals think that just. Because they have been at their job for many years. OR even decades does not mean there is no room for growth. You may be surprised about what you can do in your life. It will allow you to up your game to get yourself closer to reaching that next level of success.

She Means Business by Carrie Green Chapter 1
She Means Business by Carrie Green Chapter 1

Reviews About “She Means Business” by “Carrie Green”

I found She Means Business a very valuable read. It is written for women, but I found it to be an inspiring and motivational read. I have read many books about starting your own business, and none of them have been specifically geared towards women. The biggest benefit for me was learning what other women in similar situations are doing to become successful entrepreneurs. For that reason alone, it’s worth a read if you are interested in entrepreneurship or business ownership in general. If you’re looking to get started on your journey as an entrepreneur, definitely pick up a copy of She Means Business.

She Means Business by Carrie Green Chapter 2
She Means Business by Carrie Green Chapter 2

About “Carrie Green” the author of “She Means Business”

Carrie Green is a business advisor to small and medium-sized businesses in Greater Philadelphia. She uses her non-traditional approach to work with companies to come up with unique solutions for complex problems that are tailored for each client. Her strong customer service skills, entrepreneurial spirit, and knack for identifying what exactly makes a company tick make her an asset to any organization she comes into contact with. She’s most known for her uncanny ability to bridge gaps between clients. They are at odds with one another while maintaining personal relationships of mutual respect. This method has been proven time and again as an effective way of bringing together teams of people from diverse backgrounds or ideologies. Which need to learn how to get along to achieve their goals—especially during difficult economic times such as these.

Download She Means Business by Carrie Green PDF

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