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Download Neat by Kandi Steiner ePub Free

Neat by Kandi Steiner is about a girl named Jen who loves to be neat and organized. But her family and friends don’t share her views on cleanliness and organization. She makes them understand that the way they live their lives isn’t the only way to do things and that it’s okay to have their unique style. The story teaches kids that it’s okay to be different from the people around them. And how there are many different ways to be successful in life. If you want your children to read this fun book, then buy Neat by Kandi Steiner today!

Overview About “Neat” by “Kandi Steiner”

New York Times and the USA Today bestselling author Kandi Steiner brings you a new story in her beloved With Me In Seattle series—full of wit, charm, passion, and heart. Lee Hardwick is a billionaire venture capitalist with a playboy reputation. Andrea Andy Sachs is his best friend’s little sister. Their lives would never intersect if not for a chance meeting in Vegas that sends them reeling into an intense sexual relationship neither expected to have again. They have nothing in common except their undeniable attraction to each other—and it’s not just physical.

Neat by Kandi Steiner Chapter 1
Neat by Kandi Steiner Chapter 1

Reviews About “Neat” by “Kandi Steiner”

Thoroughly enjoyed reading Neat by Kandi Steiner and am looking forward to seeing what other novels she has written. It was easy to read and kept me on my toes, always waiting for more excitement to happen. The characters were very well developed as was their backgrounds which helped explain some of their actions. They were also believable in their actions throughout the book with no unbelievable situations happening. Which is a rare find in today’s fiction books, especially with Christian Fiction. In addition, it left you at just enough of a cliffhanger where you wanted to read more after finishing. But weren’t desperate for answers like so many books these days do (especially those with an obvious sequel already written). Excellent book from an author who I hope writes many more!

Neat by Kandi Steiner Chapter 2
Neat by Kandi Steiner Chapter 2

About  “Kandi Steiner” the author of “Neat”

Kandi Steiner is a true-crime writer and investigative reporter. Her work has appeared in The New York Times, Vanity Fair, and Entertainment Weekly. She has twice been nominated for an Edgar Award from the Mystery Writers of America. In 2007, she won both a Lowell Thomas Award and a Society of Professional Journalists Mark of Excellence award for her story on rogue U.S. soldiers conducting illegal killings in Iraq’s Sunni Triangle, published by The New York Times Magazine. In addition to her writing, Kandi works as a documentary filmmaker for PBS Frontline on several films that have examined the U.S.

Download Neat by Kandi Steiner ePub

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