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Download A Single Thread by Tracy Chevalier PDF Free

With so many books based on historical events and figures, it’s easy to get lost in the minutiae of what really happened, and what was embellished or altered by the author. A Single Thread by Tracy Chevalier takes an entirely different approach by following an ordinary girl in France. She has absolutely no ties to any major historical event. But her life is still shaped and changed by the French Revolution. From beginning to end, this book brings readers inside an ordinary girl’s life during one of history’s most extraordinary eras. And the result is breathtaking.

Overview About “A Single Thread” by “Tracy Chevalier”

This beautifully written novel is about a young woman. She has learned to do as little as possible in order to be accepted into France’s most prestigious embroidery guild. For years, Nell works hard and perfects her stitching—until she loses her sight. And suddenly she can no longer master embroidery. Feeling guilty over disappointing her guild members, Nell runs away and finds herself entangled in many other people’s lives, including a man who becomes her unlikely friend. In order to stay afloat after being rejected from the guild, Nell creates a collection of ornate wall hangings that bring beauty into people’s homes. While not relying on just one skill or talent.

A Single Thread by Tracy Chevalier Chapter 1
A Single Thread by Tracy Chevalier Chapter 1

Reviews About “A Single Thread” by “Tracy Chevalier”

A Single Thread is a fabulous historical fiction that had me hooked from page one. I immediately felt drawn to Ned, while wondering what was in store for him in London. There was so much detail and description that I could feel myself present with Ned as he wove his story and experienced first-hand everything he did. I found A Single Thread to be an extraordinary novel about bravery, tragedy, love, friendship, and deception. A definite must-read! Five stars!

A Single Thread by Tracy Chevalier Chapter 2
A Single Thread by Tracy Chevalier Chapter 2

About  “Tracy Chevalier” the author of “A Single Thread”

Tracy Chevalier is an award-winning author and writer whose work includes novels, short stories, a play, and picture books. She has been nominated for both of France’s most prestigious literary awards – Le Prix du Meilleur Livre Étranger (Best Foreign Book) and Le Prix Renaudot des Lycéens (Renaudot Prize). Two of her novels were adapted into films—Girl with a Pearl Earring and Burning Bright. Her work has been translated into 20 languages. A Single Thread, which she describes as a story about the defining moments that shape our lives, will be published in April 2011.

Download A Single Thread by Tracy Chevalier PDF

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