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Download The Wedding by Nicholas Sparks PDF Free

The Wedding, Nicholas Sparks’s first book to be published in hardcover, tells the story of two young lovers who must overcome great obstacles to be together. It was originally published in three separate volumes by Dell Publishing in 1991 and 1992, with a combined number of 568 pages. When The Wedding was released as one volume by Pocket Books in 1994, it contained 492 pages. The book gained international recognition after the release of the 1996 film Message in a Bottle starring Kevin Costner and Robin Wright Penn.

Overview About “The Wedding” by “Nicholas Sparks”

 Wedding is a book about love and marriage. The main character in The Wedding is Travis Parker. Travis lives in California, and he goes to Alabama for his best friend’s wedding; there he falls in love with Allie Harrison, his best friend’s little sister. Allie was also going to be married at that wedding, but she doesn’t Themarry her fiancé Luke Travers. She marries Travis instead, while they are still in Alabama at her sister’s wedding reception after being discovered together outside alone by Travis’ father and brother during an argument over their relationship.

The Wedding by Nicholas Sparks Chapter 1
The Wedding by Nicholas Sparks Chapter 1

Reviews About “The Wedding” by “Nicholas Sparks”

As I read a review on Amazon it states  The story of Allie and Noah is timeless, beautifully written, and emotionally challenging. There were times I was laughing, crying, and even yelling at these characters! The twists in their relationship always kept me guessing! This proves that The Wedding is such an amazing book that you can’t put down. It’s worth giving to your bookworm friend because they will always want to keep reading. This is a must-have for every romantic girl out there.

The Wedding by Nicholas Sparks Chapter 2
The Wedding by Nicholas Sparks Chapter 2

About “Nicholas Sparks” the author of “The Wedding “

Nicholas Charles Sparks is an American novelist and screenwriter. He has published eighteen novels, all of which have been New York Times Bestsellers. Eleven of his romantic-drama novels have been adapted to film with multimillion-dollar box office grosses and seven adapted as series or TV movies. His novel A Walk to Remember was adapted for film in 2002 starring Shane West and Mandy Moore.

Download The Wedding by Nicholas Sparks PDF

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