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Download The Edge of Never by J .A. Redmerski ePub Free

High school senior Parker Stern has two choices. She can continue to live in the wreckage of her parents’ broken marriage or move to England with her father. She start over again forever this time, without her mother. But moving on isn’t easy, especially when she meets Ryan Kelly, who lives life on his own terms and makes Parker feel alive just by being near him. The only catch? He’s her brother’s best friend, and completely off-limits…even though Ryan makes Parker want things she never thought she wanted before.

Overview About “The Edge of Never” by “J .A. Redmerski”

The Edge of Never is a book based around two people who meet one summer when Kyle Waters, a traveling musician, stops at a restaurant in Hope’s Crossing to eat breakfast before heading out on tour. When he spots Josie Evans, he can’t help but be captivated by her beauty and her smile. After having spent five years on tour his time in Hope’s Crossing was supposed to be simple and uneventful, one stop on his way to Phoenix where he would play a show; however that all changed when he met Josie and she showed him an entirely different viewpoint on life.

The Edge of Never by J .A. Redmerski Chapter 1
The Edge of Never by J .A. Redmerski Chapter 1

Reviews About “The Edge of Never” by “J .A. Redmerski “

The Edge of Never was a great book about love and letting go. This is a must-read for anybody who likes romance. It is not written like your normal teenage love story. But it tells about serious stuff that happens to teens nowadays so every teen should read it! The characters are just like any teenager out there dealing with emotional problems, issues with their family, etc. Although I am 24 I really liked it and would definitely recommend it to anyone my age or younger (especially girls)! And even if you don’t like these kinds of books, you should still give them a chance because you might actually enjoy them as I did!

The Edge of Never by J .A. Redmerski Chapter 2
The Edge of Never by J .A. Redmerski Chapter 2

About “J .A. Redmerski” the author of The Edge of Never 

J .A. Redmerski was born and raised in a small town in Ohio, where she lives with her husband and two children. She began writing in 2008, following a battle with throat cancer that left her permanently scarred, but she has not let that stop her from enjoying life to its fullest – something which she strongly encourages others to do as well. When not writing or reading, she is often caught up watching marathon television shows on TVLand or spending time on DIY home improvement projects (even though her perfectionist tendencies usually don’t leave much room for improvement). The Edge of Never is both author’s first novel and first adult fiction book – when it comes to writing styles, J . A.

Download The Edge of Never by J .A. Redmerski ePub

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