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Download Pushing the Limits by Katie McGarry PDF Free

I’ve got one word to describe Katie McGarry’s Pushing the Limits series: addicting! I fell in love with this series before I even read the first book and then when I finally did read it, I couldn’t stop. These books are great! They are funny, touching, dramatic, and romantic with some mystery thrown in as well. And there are plenty of swoon-worthy moments between the two main characters! If you like young adult romance novels, you should give this series a try!

Overview About “Pushing the Limits” by “Katie McGarry”

In her heartwarming debut, author Katie McGarry introduces readers to a tough and tender girl who’s fighting to save herself, one brave step at a time. When sixteen-year-old Emily looks at Brady, she doesn’t see a boy. She sees her past: someone she’s trying desperately to outrun. And if anyone could understand how that feels, it’s Daniel. He knows what it’s like to be hurt and abandoned and left behind. He knows what it’s like to want something—someone—so badly you’re willing to risk everything for them…and he won’t let Emily do the same thing to herself.

Reviews About “Pushing the Limits” by “Katie McGarry”

Pushing The Limits is a story of two teenagers that fall in love. But their lives and personalities make it hard for them to be together. If you like romance books with drama then you should read Pushing The Limits. This book is one of my favorite books out there. One thing I like about Pushing The Limits is that it takes place in Oregon where a lot of people think bad things don’t happen and also that it has motorcycles which I’m very interested in. I think anybody can enjoy Pushing The Limit because anybody can relate to different parts about it. Some things about Pushings Limit are really sad, some parts are funny, and other parts will just leave you wanting more!

About  “Katie McGarry” the author of Pushing the Limits 

Katie McGarry (born December 31, 1983) is an American author of young adult novels. She was born in Michigan but moved to central Illinois where she now resides with her husband and three children. Her first book, Pushing The Limits was published on May 1, 2012. A new adult series from Katie McGarry called Breath will be released in 2014.

Download Pushing the Limits by Katie McGarry PDF

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