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Download Corrupt by Penelope Douglas ePub Free

A review of Corrupt by Penelope Douglas, the third book in the Corruption Series by this author. This review will include an overview of the book and story as well as my personal opinion on the series and its author. I’ll also include a synopsis, rating, and where you can purchase your own copy online at the end of this piece.

Overview About “Corrupt” by “Penelope Douglas” 

Corrupt is a novel by Penelope Douglas, who has written some of my all-time favorite books. Her writing is incredibly authentic and relatable, her characters are always multi-dimensional, and her storytelling is top-notch. Corrupt takes place in a small town in Arizona where sexual misconduct between student-athletes and teachers is rife. Blaire Wynn is a smart girl from an abusive family with nowhere to go after high school until she becomes an intern for one of her favorite authors, Weston Ashford (AKA West). He’s charismatic, handsome, successful – everything that makes him completely off-limits to a girl like Blaire.

Corrupt by Penelope Douglas Chapter 1
Corrupt by Penelope Douglas Chapter 1

Reviews About “Corrupt” by “Penelope Douglas” 

Corrupt is a new adult romance novel written by New York Times bestselling author, Penelope Douglas. It was published on December 3, 2014, and has 435 pages. Corrupt takes place in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The main characters are Kale Halloway and Mia Benson. They had been best friends until they both suddenly got feelings for each other which led to an affair that ended when Kale’s family found out. He left town to avoid everyone’s embarrassment but he couldn’t stay away from her forever; he comes back to find out that she has been hiding his son from him for three years now! Read more about it below in my full review!

Corrupt by Penelope Douglas Chapter 2
Corrupt by Penelope Douglas Chapter 2

About  “Penelope Douglas” the author of “Corrupt” 

Penelope grew up in Oregon with her three sisters and a multitude of pets. As an army brat, she lived all over the country before finally settling down in Boise, Idaho. Penelope Douglas attended college at Boise State University where she met her husband-to-be and fell in love with Idaho. She now lives there with her two favorite men, enjoying life to its fullest. She has an unhealthy addiction to chocolate and coffee.

Download Corrupt by Penelope Douglas ePub

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