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Download First Sight by Danielle Steel PDF Free

The bestselling author of A Perfect Life and True Friends, Danielle Steel takes us on another enchanting journey, this time through the world of the rarest kind of love—a passionate love that begins at first sight.

Overview About “First Sight” by “Danielle Steel”

First Sight starts out with a young man named Cole who is flying over to Paris for work, which is his usual routine. On one of these flights he meets Renee, an older woman traveling with her daughter and she mentions that she’s also in France on business. The novel briefly details Cole and Renee’s relationship from just before they meet all the way through their marriage. I really liked First Sight because it had romance, love, passion, and was very interesting to read about their lives as they built up their relationship from just friends to lovers. I definitely recommend reading First Sight if you want to read a great romance novel!

First Sight by Danielle Steel Chapter 1
First Sight by Danielle Steel Chapter 1

Reviews About “First Sight” by “Danielle Steel”

People had lots of ideas when they saw First Sight that there might be something special between Andy and Sarah. First Sight is one of those reads that once you start reading, you won’t want to put down. You will want to keep on reading until you get to know exactly what happens with Andy and Sarah at their dinner date. It was so interesting how in just two hours, everything changed for these two people who live a world apart from each other. It was nice to see how they met and how they both have lost their parents yet lived completely different lives after losing them. The whole time while I was reading First Sight, I kept thinking if it would really happen again or if he made it up since he was telling someone else his story.

First Sight by Danielle Steel Chapter 2
First Sight by Danielle Steel Chapter 2

About “Danielle Steel” the author of “First Sight”

In 1956, at age 22, Danielle Steel married her first husband. She became a book editor in San Francisco and later in New York City. She has written more than 130 books, many of which have been bestsellers. Her novel No Greater Love was made into a TV miniseries starring Sharon Stone. She created The Wishing Child Foundation with her success. The foundation supports education and childcare institutions throughout California with grants. The foundation gives children an opportunity to create their own futures through education.

Download First Sight by Danielle Steel PDF

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