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Download Delirium by Lauren Oliver PDF Free

Delirium by Lauren Oliver, the bestselling young adult novel, follows seventeen-year-old Lena as she develops feelings towards her best friend, Alex – feelings she knows are forbidden, both by the government and her own family. As Lena and Alex grow closer and discover their true love for each other, an unfortunate event takes place that sets off a chain of events that Lena had never expected. From then on, the two must navigate a treacherous road where they must go against everything they’ve ever known to find one another again and stay together in Delirium by Lauren Oliver.

Overview About “Delirium” by “Lauren Oliver” 

Delirium was a surprisingly good read. While it wasn’t much different from The Hunger Games, I thoroughly enjoyed it. One reason is that Lauren Oliver writes such beautifully worded scenes. Another is that love triangle are my guilty pleasure when they are written well (see Sarah Dessen). Love triangles can be overdone but Delirium’s love triangle just makes you want to keep reading to see what happens next between Lena and Alex and Hana because it isn’t predictable or cliché at all. Even when you think something is going to happen in a certain way, there’s always some twist thrown in to keep you on your toes…and wanting more!

Delirium by Lauren Oliver Chapter 1
Delirium by Lauren Oliver Chapter 1

Reviews About “Delirium” by “Lauren Oliver” 

Delirium is one of a few dystopian novels that really struck a chord with readers. As much as I love a good fantasy novel, sometimes it’s nice to read about what could be. When it comes to these kinds of books, there are two categories: pure fiction and inspired fiction. The concept behind Delirium was inspired by 1984, but in our opinion, that’s one of its greatest strengths. The storyline is pure and believable. What if there was a cure for love? Would you take it? Of course, you would! Who wants to fall in love only to eventually lose their partner?

Delirium by Lauren Oliver Chapter 2
Delirium by Lauren Oliver Chapter 2

About “Lauren Oliver” the author of “Delirium”

Lauren Oliver was born in Washington, D.C., and grew up in Raleigh, North Carolina. After graduating from Smith College, she worked for two years at Blue Mountain Arts, Inc., a New England greeting card company where she wrote poems for children on every card and packaged unicorn kiss candies with each order. In her free time, she wrote her first novel, Before I Fall (Dial/Penguin Group), which has been translated into thirty-four languages and was turned into a film starring Zoey Deutch and Halston Sage; it is also being made into a television series by MGM Television. She lives in Brooklyn with her husband, Chris Riddell.

Download Delirium by Lauren Oliver PDF

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