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Download Girl at War by Sara Novic ePub Free

Sara Novic’s Girl at War is an enthralling novel about the hardships endured by female refugees during the Bosnian Civil War in the 1990s. If you love books by Sara Novic, this book will keep you up at night and make you not want to put it down! The gripping plot follows Ana, a young girl who becomes involved in a resistance group after her city, Sarajevo, becomes under siege by Bosnian Serb forces.

Overview About “Girl at War” by “Sara Novic”

In 1993, fifteen-year-old Ana Jurić moves with her family from Zagreb to her grandmother’s village in Croatia. The years since Croatian independence have been brutal. And there is little hope that life will get better any time soon. Ana passes her days secretly listening to Western radio stations. Learning how people are free to think and behave in places far away from her own country. Then one day she meets a girl who has been raised just like Ana. And who understands everything she means even when they’re not speaking. This new friend tells Ana about something called the contract. A piece of paper that allows you to escape into a foreign country without having your name put on file by immigration officials.

Girl at War by Sara Novic Chapter 1
Girl at War by Sara Novic Chapter 1

Reviews About “Girl at War” by “Sara Novic”

A Book about a Girl, A War, and a Gun! This book is really good. Readers really like it. Readers read it in two days (Readers couldn’t put it down.) They recommend reading Girl at War before going to sleep because you’ll want to stay up all night reading it…[this] is one of my favorite books ever! This book will definitely be one of your favorites too!

Girl at War by Sara Novic Chapter 2
Girl at War by Sara Novic Chapter 2

About “SARA NOVIC” The Author of “Girl at War”

SARA NOVIC was born in Belgrade, Yugoslavia (now Serbia), during its civil war. She emigrated to New York City when she was four and grew up on Staten Island. She graduated from Princeton University and worked as a producer for ABC News, before turning to write full-time.

Download Girl at War by Sara Novic ePub

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