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Download Leo by Mia Sheridan PDF Free

Leo is the story of four brothers who are battling cancer and the woman who helps them through it all, Leo. It takes you on an emotional journey, one that will make you laugh and cry as you read about their journey together. Mia Sheridan has done an amazing job weaving the love they share into a story that will touch your heart and soul. This book will be with me forever as it touches me to my core as much as it did when I first read it years ago. Her work reminds me why I do what I do and how important this job is to me and my patients!

Overview About “Leo” by “Mia Sheridan”

Leo is a brief and remarkably moving novel about an unlikely friendship between two grieving people. It’s also about loving someone more than you love yourself and letting go of what hurts you to embrace what could heal you. The heart of Leo is rooted in simple, true-to-life moments that will ring deep within your soul, bringing tears to your eyes while making your heart smile. Mia Sheridan has crafted another emotional masterpiece with unforgettable characters who show us how to live—and how to love—in ways we didn’t know were possible.

Leo by Mia Sheridan Chapter 1
Leo by Mia Sheridan Chapter 1

Review About “Leo” by “Mia Sheridan”

Leo is, quite simply, a book that will inspire you. It’s about forgiveness, unconditional love, and friendship. It’s about finding your way when you don’t know what lies ahead and it was a story worth reading again (and again). I can only hope that every man on earth reads it because I believe every woman would be better for it.

Leo by Mia Sheridan Chapter 2
Leo by Mia Sheridan Chapter 2

About “Mia Sheridan” the author of “Leo”

Mia lives in Northern California with her wonderful husband and four beautiful children. She first began writing back in elementary school, where her passion for spinning tales was encouraged by her teachers and parents. In college, she realized that English was her favorite subject and that she wanted to pursue a career as an author, which led to earning a degree in Creative Writing. While reading other people’s stories was fun, Mia decided she wanted to try writing a novel of her own, so once she graduated from college, that’s what she did! The result of those efforts is Finding Freedom, which is currently available at bookstores everywhere.  

 Download Leo by Mia Sheridan PDF

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