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Download When we Touch by Tia Louise PDF Free

The book “When We Touch” by “Tia Louise” download pdf free here.  “When We Touch” is a romance of lovers to a friend that is a slow burn with delightfully fun, amazing character, and hot feelings.

Overview About “When We Touch” by “Tia Louise”

If you like contemporary romance readers, When We Touch is the best choice for you. “When We Touch” has written by Tia Louise. The author has earned prestige in the list of love and romance fiction. The story of the novel has a great writing style. This is an interesting story that every romantic reader needs to read. The development, love, and hate bond of the characters have made perfect it.

Emberly and Jackson were kept away from each other for several years by conspiring. Jackson promised that he would finish college and return to Emberly. Majorie lied to Emberley that he had gone by promising someone else. Emberly grew up with her daughter Coco in the hope that she would never see Jackson again. After winning Jackson’s case, he got some documents that could have been a problem for him, fearing that he would run away there and return to his old city where he is facing Emberly. Both of them understand each other as a result of their oppression and can’t take revenge on each other even if they want. Both of them did not know the conspiracy with them till today. 

When We Touch by Tia Louise Prologue
When We Touch by Tia Louise Prologue

Reviews About “When We Touch” by “Tia Louise”

In this story, you find the strength and emotions of the characters. you will enjoy it a lot by reading this novel.  By starting to read this novel of Tia Louise, you will be interested in reading the end of the novel and you can’t be patient for the end of the story. This novel is heart-touching and very interesting. You will fall in love with this novel. Highly recommended.

When We Touch by Tia Louise Chapter 1
When We Touch by Tia Louise Chapter 1

About “Tia Louise” author of “When We Touch”

Tia Louise lives in the midwest with her husband, two children, and a cat. She has received the award because of her famous novels sexy-Sweet Military Romance, Small Town Romance,  Single Parent Romance, and Suspense romance. Being a Teacher, a Book editor, a Journalist, and finally, a magazine editor after that, an endless series of writing stories filled with love began.

Details About “When We Touch” by “Tia Louise”

Novel Title: When We Touch
Author Information: Tia Louise
Composed Language: English
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Romantic Comedy
Available Format: PDF
Total Size: 2 MB
No of Pages: 320 Pages
Price: Free

Download When We Touch by Tia Louise PDF Free

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