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Download Teardrop Shot by Tijan Meyer PDF Free

The book “Teardrop Shot” by “Tijan Meyer” download pdf free here.  “Teardrop Shot” is a romance of lovers to a friend that is a slow burn with delightfully fun, amazing character, and hot feelings.

OVERVIEW ABOUT “Teardrop Shot”  by  “Tijan Meyer”

If you like contemporary romance readers, Teardrop Shot is the best choice for you. Teardrop Shot has written by Tijan Meyer. The author has earned prestige in the list of love and romance fiction. The story of the novel has a great writing style. This is an interesting story that every romantic reader needs to read. The development, love, and hate bond of the characters have made perfect it.

In this book, Charlie is a character who has had some hard times in the past few years. She has sacrificed more than you can imagine. Charlie still always thinks about her past and feels pain and gets emotional. She has to move on after her bad breakup and being fired from her job. Charlie decides to start over and by doing that she has to go back to her past for a bit. She doesn’t want any contact with old friends at her new job. Charlie’s job is about to get more complicated when she meets her basketball idol Reese.

Reese has a very good career, lovely fans, money, good looks, and the best teammates that anyone could ever ask for. But on the other side, his personal life is in turbulence with his own family. The only thing that Reesewants right now is to focus on being the best for his team. In all these situations someone is about to change his whole world and fill it with happiness.

Teardrop Shot by Tijan Meyer Chapter 1
Teardrop Shot by Tijan Meyer Chapter 1

Reviews about “Teardrop Shot” by “ Tijan Meyer”

This book is absolutely exceptional. It’s so fascinating and attractive to read, which is the charm and quality of any Tijan book. “Charlie & Reese”, both of the characters are adorable. Charlie and Reese become the light for each other’s night. The best is they started as friends and then become lovers in the end.

 “Teardrop shot”  is quite unique, it’s captivating from start to end. This book is for those who really want to invest their quality time. It will never disappoint you. This book is full of joyful moments but it is also emotional and so deep about both characters. It’s a beautifully written story that is catching you deeply in it.

Teardrop Shot by Tijan Meyer Chapter 2
Teardrop Shot by Tijan Meyer Chapter 2

About “Tijan Meyer” the author of the “Teardrop Shot”

Tijan is New York Times Bestselling author who writes suspenseful and uncertain novels. Her characters are powerful, deep, and a bit sassy. Tijan began writing later in life and once she stated she was hooked. 

Tijan is the bestselling author of Fallen Crest University, Dav Thrwood the BS. The character read series and others. Her book made frequent appearances on the New York Times book bestseller list. She is presently writing many new books and series with an English cocker she loves.

Details About “Teardrop Shot” by “Tijan Meyer”

Novel Title: Teardrop Shot
Author Information: Tijan Meyer
Composed Language: English
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Romantic Comedy
Available Format: PDF
Total Size: 2 MB
No of Pages: 376 Pages
Price: Free

Download Teardrop Shot by Tijan Meyer PDF Free

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