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The Silent Companions by Laura Purcell Download PDF Free

The Silent Companions is by Laura Purcell PDF A novel with a wonderful story written by Laura Purcell. It is a perfect choice for you if you are looking for a Novel with an interesting story. The Author has excellent and amazing skills in character development and circulating. The novel’s story is so interesting and enjoyable.

All the characters are amazing and here their wonderful role is to make the story interesting. It is a story that is haunting and ghostly, tragic, raw, darkly beautiful. It is just incredible. The Silent Companions is so much more than a ghost story, so much more than Historical Fiction. It is a collection of two fine genres. 

The Silent Companions Book Summary

In the 1860s, a young widow (Elsie) travels to the family estate of her late husband. With her husband’s cousin, Sara, as her sole companion, she finds a very old house, with stern and soulless servants that reflect the coldness of the entire village. As if that was not enough, 

Elsie is pregnant, and it is her first time. The most mysterious room (nursery) in the house should remain locked. Her husband’s cousin finds a diary that transports us to the strange era in the 1630s, which is full of the terror of rebellion and equaled to the terror of witchcraft. The women who understand the nature, the prejudices against those women, against the gypsies, and against the invalids. Disappointed minds, curses, ghosts, and witches.

The Silent Companions by Laure Purcell Contents

Reviews about “ The Silent Companions” by “Laura Purcell”

This is the best novel for those readers who like the creepy gothic thriller story. The story of this novel is really amazing and readers will enjoy the story during reading. The story of the gothic manor house is so atmospheric that feel you the maleficence.

This novel has proved a great read for the readers. It is a fast read for readers because readers want to find out what will happen next. Some readers read it in a single day. The story of this novel is full of suspense. The writing style of “Laure Purcell” fits the genre nicely. There are many twists in the story and you will actually something feel. 

The Silent Companions by Laure Purcell Chapter 1

About “Laura Purcell” 

Laura Purcell is a former bookseller and lives in Colchester with her husband. She won the WHSmith thumping good read Award for her first novel for Ravan  Books. Laura Purcell has also membership of the Society for Court and Historic Royal Palaces. A recent PBS documentary has featured by Laura Purcell. This documentary is about Queen Caroline. Laura Purcell has written 8 novels, The Silent Companions, The Corset, Bone China, The Shape of Darkness, Queen of Bedlam, Mistress of the Court, Homeless Bodies and Other Stories, The Haunting Season: Ghostly Tales for Long Winter Nights.

Details about “ The Silent Companions” by “ Laura Purcell”

Novel Title:  The silent companions 

Author information:  Laura Purcell

Publisher: Penguin Books

Composed language:  English.

Genre:   Gothic Fiction.

Available format: PDF

Paperback:  320 pages.

Price: Free

The Silent Companions by Laura Purcell PDF Free

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