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Download Magic Shifts by Ilona Andrews PDF Free

Download Magic Shifts by Ilona Andrews in PDF Free. Magic Shifts is declared as “One of the best urban fantasy series ever written and brightest voices in urban fantasy” by Jeanine Frost, New York Times bestselling author and RT Books reviews.

Review About Magic Shifts

The magic shift is the 8th installment of the Ilona series and circles around two characters Curran and Kate. Curran and Kate are trying to adjust their life as normal and regular life-user. Their neighborhood owns high spiritual-moral values and living with Cutting Edge.

Both, Kate and Curran, successfully got a normal life routine. In the meanwhile peace dreams and quiet are there to interrupt their lives. They are deeply embroiled in the after-effects, despite this they don’t care about their lives to care for their friends and help them in hard circumstances.

Magic Shifts by Ilona Adrews Acknowledgments PDF
Magic Shifts by Ilona Andrews Acknowledgments PDF

The novel creates new suspense when both become far away from each other. At this stage, endless troubles and hurdles come in their ways, without knowing the social and financial circumstances of each other. This stage of life makes them tired but they don’t lose hope. After a long time, ruining every hurdle under their shoes by putting their endless efforts, they met.

The thorough reading of Magic shifts increases the suspense of the reader on every coming chapter. It enforces its readers not to go to bed unless they are entire reading a chapter, from beginning to end. It will be unjust and unfair not to appreciate the efforts of Ilona who authored this beautiful novel.

Magic Shifts by Ilona Adrews Content PDF
Magic Shifts by Ilona Andrews Content PDF

Magic Shifts is enriched with a lot of suspense, humor, sparks, actions, and much more about the romance between couple Kate and Cullen. Every beautiful urban fantasy I read. The level of communication and dialogue or discussion level was extremely clean and reader-friendly.

Magic Shifts by Ilona Adrews Chapter 1 PDF
Magic Shifts by Ilona Andrews Chapter 1 PDF

About “Ilona Andrews”, the author of “Magic Shifts

Ilona Andrews was born in the Soviet Union but migrated to the United States in her teenage, where she attended Western Carolina University to obtain a specialization in biochemistry. She married Andrew Gordon.

In Kate Daniels series, the published books are A Questionable Client, Magic Bites in 2007, Magic Burns in April 2008, Magic Strikes in March 2009, Magic Mourns in Sep 2009, Magic Bleeds in Jun 2010, Magic Dreams in April 2011, Magic Slays in May 2011, Magic Gifts in July 2012, Magic Test, Magic Rises in July 2013, Magic Breaks in July 2014, Magic Steals in Nov 2014, Magic Shifts in 2015, and Curran POV Collection in May 2016.

Ilona also authored the “Edge” series consisting of 4 books including On the Edge in September 2009, Bayou Moon in September 2010, Fate’s Edge in November 2011, and Steel’s Edge in December 2012. 

Magic Shifts Details

Publisher:           Ace

Original Title:     Magic Shifts

Author:               Ilona Andrews

Language:          English

Pages:                384 pages

Item Weight:     6.4 ounces

ISBN-13:            978-0425270684

First Publication Date: February 23, 2016

Download Magic Shifts by Ilona Andrews PDF

Click here to download Magic Shifts complete book by Ilona Andrews PDF Free.



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